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Nov 192010

People have mixed feelings about office romances. Some say they should never occur, while others can see some of the benefits of office romances. If you are involved in an office romance, here’s how to keep your working and personal relationship separate.

How to Keep an Office Romance Out of the Office: Professionalism

One of the drawbacks of engaging in an office romance is that professionalism is often compromised, as couples bring their relationship into work with them. But a couple who work together and are dating, or who are married, should maintain the same high level of professionalism that they did before their relationship began. Couples should avoid displays of affection and other actions that can compromise their professional standing in the eyes of their colleagues and management.

How to Keep an Office Romance Out of the Office: No Nicknames

Many couples like to call each other by preferred nicknames that only they know of. But if they are involved in an office romance, they need to refrain from doing so at work and stick with calling each other by their names. This point also ties in with the need to maintain a high level of professionalism at work. It is hard to do so when the whole office knows of your nicknames for one another and makes fun of you while your backs are turned.

How to Keep an Office Romance Out of the Office: Keep Arguments at Home

A big no-no for couples involved in an office romance is bringing arguments into the workplace. Disagreements, arguments and unsettled domestic affairs do not belong in the workplace and should be kept private. No one wants to hear a couple arguing over the coffee machine in the office and learning of their latest personal dispute. The workplace is not an extension of a couple’s private life. It is a completely different arena. Couples who keep their personal disagreements separate from work and still continue to work productively together are more likely to have a successful working and professional relationship.

Office romances can fail miserably, which will then have lasting repercussions at work, but they can also flourish and lead to marriage. Successful office romances are kept out of the workplace. A dating or a married
couple who work together must always be aware of the need to be professional at work, avoid private nicknames and keep arguments at home. Keeping an office romance in its place will go a long way to achieving acceptance at work from work colleagues, as well as management.

Apr 262009

5 tips for writing the Perfect Online Dating ProfileIf you are struggling to meet that someone special online, then your profile could be the reason. Your online dating profile plays an important role when meeting anyone of the opposite sex online. Your profile is the first thing people will look at before deciding if you are a good match for them, therefore it is really important that you get it just right. Here are my top 5 tips to creating the perfect online dating profile.

1. Remember to include all your hobbies and interests. When someone is searching for a potential date on an online dating site, they will want to find someone that has similar interests to them. So if you don’t list your hobbies in your profile, how will people know what you like and what makes you tick.

2. Upload a recent photo to your profile. Most men and women on dating sites like to know what their potential date looks like before they get in touch with them. Remember to try and use an up to date photo, and not one from 20 years ago, and never upload a photo that doesn’t look like you.

3. If you are having difficulty knowing what to write on your profile, then why not go and take a look at what other people have wrote on theirs. Keep in mind that this exercise is good for getting some ideas, but never ever copy anyone else’s profile word for word.

4. Try to make your writing sound passionate and lively. If your profile sounds dull, then other people may think that you are dull. But on the other hand if your profile sounds full of life, then this is how you will be perceived.

5. My last tip is to never ever lie on your online dating profile. It may seem like a good idea to begin with, but it will catch up with you sooner or later.

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