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Saucy facts and figures about the things that get us going!

Author: Sam Wattson

A hot topic of conversation is always sex and how to have a much fun as possible while doing it! We think about sex all the time and it is certainly a common interest between us all! Here are some naughty facts and figures about the things that really get us going! Have a look and see how you measure up!

We all love to improve our sex life with some naughty extras - the top three sexual enhancers were pornography, massage oils and lubricants.

The most common place for adults to have sex outside their bedroom is 'in the car' (50%), second is 'toilets' (39%), naughty third is 'parent's bedroom' (36%) and bringing up the rear 'is the park' (31%).


Everybody gets horny during the day and 15% of people have had sex at work. Another 2% say they have joined the mile high club.


Are you getting enough? One in five adults has sex 3-4 times a week and 5% have sex once a day.


Globally, on average people are having sex a 103 times a year. Men are the least satisfied with how often they have sex. 41% want it more frequently compared to just 29% of women.


44% of adults claim to be happy with their sex lives and 45% of the population say they are open minded towards sex.


44% of adults worldwide have had a one night stand, with 22% claiming to have had an extra marital affair.


Almost 4 in 10 people worldwide (39%) like to be inspired and are looking for new ideas about sex, while only 7% believe their sex life is monotonous.

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